Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28, 2018

Please check back often for a list of upcoming events at The Maggie!

Announcing the winners of the Open House drawings...  Thank you to all
who attended and participatedin the drawings!
Winners will be contacted directly.  If you live in Floyd, please drop by at your convenience during normal business hours to recieve your gift.  Those who do not live in Floyd will be contacted for an address in order to mail your gift to you.
      1)  Sasha Marine - Travel Mug from Hannah Martin (HeartMoss Pottery)
        2)  Nikki Perillot - Set of 4 coasters from Cindy Howe (Ragtop Designs)
        3)  Toni Lamberti - Bundled giclee print and card set from Ruth Lefko
        4)  Chelsea Furthrop - "Radish Series" from Judy Crowgey
        5)  Kim Chiapetto - two David Ferrell Photography card sets (5 cards each with envelopes).  Each pack has 5 different
              images of  his cow photographs.
        6)  Suzanne Brooks - An orginal "Ridges" watercolor by Paula Melton
        7)  April Bourgois - Bundled "The Floyd Country Store" giclee and large card from Ron Campbell (Ron
             Campbell Art and The Maggie Gallery)
        8)  Carolyn Inman - Bundled giclee print from Ruth Lefko and card set (5 cards each with envelopes)
              from David Ferrell
        9)  Vickie Johnson - 2 beeswax candles made by artist Fred Jones from his own hives in Floyd County
      10)  TracyAnn and Michael Costello - Giclee print of  "Barnyard Bully" from Ruth Lefko
       11)  Judy Nye - Small framed original alcohol ink on Yupo by Cindy Howe (Ragtop Designs)
      12)  Susan Goranson - 2 Ron Campbell treehouse card sets (6 cards each with envelopes).  One set
              is of the "Tree of Heart" image and the other is the "Maggie's Treehouse" image. 
      13)  Ann Shank - 2 David Ferrell Photography card sets (5 cards each with envelopes).  One pack has 5 different images
              of his cow photographs and one has 5 different landscape/nature photographs.
      14)  Marianne Thomas - "The Maggie Gallery" $25 Gift Certificate
      15)  Bill Askins - "The Maggie Gallery" $25 Gift Certificate
      16)  Laurie Bowman - "The Maggie Gallery" $25 Gift Certificate
      17)  Dana Wasson - "The Maggie Gallery" $25 Gift Certificate

          Please join us at The Maggie Gallery Open House!

  • Friday, July 27 from 3PM - 6PM and Saturday, July 28 from noon to 2PM on
  • Light refreshments available
  • Music on the porch by Cindy and Pete Howe and Bernie Covney
  • Artist demonstrations
  • Drawings to be held starting at 5PM on Saturday... sign up for a chance to win one of many prizes available starting on Thursday, July 26 during normal business hours (10 - 6) up until the drawing begins.  You do not need to be present to win.